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Bosscha.idDaryl Brooks Jr. gave a tearful opening statement Thursday as she began presenting her defense in the months-long trial related to the 2021 Waukesha Christmas tragedy.

Brooks, 40, of Milwaukee, was charged with six counts of first degree murder, 61 counts of reckless endangerment, six counts of hit and run causing death and two counts of aggravated assault. all connected to the tragedy of the film – and crime. battery. He represents himself.

Brooks made a moving opening statement. “He has two sides to every story.”

Brooks gave an emotional opening statement to prosecutors Thursday afternoon, pausing frequently to wipe away tears. He said his words were not spoken but “from the bottom of his heart”. Before speaking, he had taken the grave of the grave late.

“There are two aspects in every story,” he started. There is only one part in this story. He said the evidence shows that this event did not think or planned. “I know you saw me wearing this mask,” Brooks told jurors. “There’s a reason for that, but I think it’s time to take off the mask and look at myself for who I am.”

He reminded the judges to keep an open mind and give permission. After the conviction, Waukesha County District Judge Jennifer Doro asked for Brooks’ pardon. He had already said that he planned to call ten witnesses.

The lead investigator in the case is back on the podium

Prosecutors called the lead investigator in the case, Waukesha Detective Thomas Casey, as the first witness on Thursday. Casey explained that the charges only included those who were hit by the SUV and who were not injured during the show. Casey said he reviewed video from 300 to 400 surveillance cameras that captured the footage.

“I’ve never seen anyone other than the defendant driving in any of the videos I’ve seen,” Casey said. The jury viewed security footage from the back of Brooks’ mother that showed Brooks getting into a red SUV that crashed on the freeway.

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During cross-examination, Brooks asked Casey to prove that the man in the CCTV footage was not wearing a hoodie. Casey agreed. After the parade, Brooks’ hoodie was found.

Emotions are high after a rap video featuring Brooks was played in front of the jury

Prosecutors called the lead investigator in the case, Waukesha Detective Thomas Casey, as their first witness on Thursday. Casey explained that the charges only apply to the injured SUVs and innocent bystanders in the protest. Casey said he reviewed video from 300 to 400 surveillance cameras that captured the scene. “I didn’t see anyone other than the defendant driving in any of the video I watched,” Casey said. Jurors saw video from Brooks’ mother’s home security camera showing Brooks getting into a red SUV that crashed into the road.

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During the interrogation, Brooks asked Casey to note that the man seen on the CCTV footage was not wearing a hoodie. Casey agreed. Brooks’ hoodie was spotted after the show. Emotions run high after Brooks’ rap video in front of a jury

He also said that the lawyers mocked him during his trial.

There is nothing stopping you from pulling something out of your pocket and distributing it now,” Waukesha County District Attorney Susan Offers said of the video. He denied that he was mocking Brooks.

“(The plan) is going to think I’m crazy,” Brooks said. When Drow asked Brooks to sit down, he refused. “I don’t want your voice,” he told her. Douro took a 15-minute break but pulled Brooks into the game.

Brooks called another witness to testify:

After his initial statement, Brooks called Nicholas Kirby, a close friend of Brooks, as a second witness. Kirby had testified for the prosecution about a domestic assault near Brooks in Old Frame Park before the march. Kirby testified that he and Cory Runkle, a woman from Brooks’ home in Waukesha, had been looking for Brooks after calling Kirby for help until Brooks attacked him.

Kirby could hear Brooks screaming first and ran to help him. Brooks questioned Kirby’s “sense of urgency” about seeing his ex-girlfriend. “He said he was in trouble,” Kirby replied. “I don’t play when people are in trouble.”

Brooks asked if he saw anyone injured on the trip. “I saw a red SUV take off like a bat out of hell down Main Street and through the crowd,” Kaby said.

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