Magaluf Scandal Explained: All About Magaluf Scandal Details – Magaluf Scandal Explained: All About Magaluf Scandal Details: A British holidaymaker is taking over the internet since he claimed that his holiday trip to hotspot Majorca of £240 all-inclusive has been engulfed.

He took over social media and express his distress because of the binge-drinking crackdown in Spain’S Balearic Islands that restricted tourists from consuming more than six drinks a day.

The furious British holidaymaker is expressing his anger and distress over this rule because he thinks that his trip to Majorca has been ruined completely because of this rule.

However, there are many imperative aspects that are yet to know related to this headline. According to the reports, this crackdown in the Balearic Islands was implemented to halt the incident like Magaluf Scandal.

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Magaluf Scandal Explained

The latest binge-drinking crackdown on Island limits the visitors to just six drinks a day.

According to Jason Walker who is the security officer said, the British holidaymaker was upset and angry as well after knowing that there were limitations on his free alcoholic drinks voucher after landing there for a three-night holiday trip.

He was not aware of the new binge-drinking rule.

Magaluf Scandal Details

The angry British holidaymaker is 42 years of age and he described his stupefaction at discovering that the latest decree restricts the number of booze drinks on his all-inclusive trip was confined to six drinks- three at dinner and three at lunch.

This new decree limitation rule was announced in January this tahun by the Balearic Government. The Balearic Government imposed a ban on the sale of alcoholic drinks in shops between 9:00 PM and 8:00 AM in Magaluf, Playa de Palma in Mallorca, El Arenal, and Sant Antoni de Portmany in Ibiza.

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The government also announced a fine of £50,000 for breaching the rule.

According to the reports, the respective authorities took this step to clear the image of resorts like Magaluf because of a scandal which has created a stir in 2014.

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In 2014 a scandal was come out when a female Britsh holidaymaker was recorded while performing s3x activities on as many as 24 men in Magaluf.

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