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Link Full 劉 Quiz On The Block 158

Link 劉 Quiz On The Block 158 Gu Junye I explained to my husband that there were not many interviews because it was the first public interview after being promoted.

“I don’t want to overdo it when I’m really happy, I’m worried that this precious thing will be lost,” he said. 劉 quiz on the block 158.

-By the way, I thought a lot of stories had been made for this, so I decided to continue the “Rio Quiz” to explain to the outside world Junye Gu, who broke up with Das.

His teammate Jiang Yuanlai also had a car accident, 劉 quiz on the block 線上 看 158 This disrupted the activities of “Cold Dragon” and Liu Zixi eagerly called to take care of her as she planned to do business in Dungdaemon.

Liu Zixi was a big supporter when the company was officially launched. He knows what I’ve been doing for years.

So I accepted Sook Yu Jae’s request to discuss the wedding story and I will not be seen in any other show. 劉 quiz 線上 看.

“My mother is the happiest person she saw 20 years ago when Xivan and I were together and she told me this time.

“He loves you so much,” explained Ko Joon.  劉 quiz on the block 線上 看.

“Won is also completely obedient and listens to him.” Of course, Xu’s mother adored herself and immediately Goo Joonie was called “boy”.

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He laughs and exclaims: “If he sees the face of his daughter in love, he should have no reason not to love me.” 劉 quiz on the block 線上 看 2022.

When questioned about the happiest moment after marriage, Gu Junye responded in seconds, “always (extremely happy).”

“Twenty years ago, Hee Won established the benchmark for me, which gave me the sense that I wouldn’t have been married if it hadn’t been for such a woman,” he added warmly 劉 quiz on the block.

Gu Junye answered, “I recall it was during Su Huilun’s concert, although Xiyuan stated he didn’t go there.” He became a fan of mine after viewing a video of Kulong visiting Taiwan.

This person’s kindness circulated among the workers, so we scheduled a meeting, burger quiz and after seeing him, I too believe he’s incredibly lovely.”

However, because Kulong was a prominent group at the time, “There is a circumstance in the entertainment industry where if you have a girlfriend, the work will be very tough, and everyone around you would say.

“I feel like a fool,” he said as he drove Big S to the airport, quiz on the block “if I wanted to safeguard this relationship, I could do it, but I don’t believe I can.”

“But if I mess up, what will Yuan Lai do? He is my partner, and my family will also be worried because I am the parent in (I have to pay for the family).

So I had no choice but to break up, you quiz on the block  線上 看

She said the day after the breakup. He later said that if I went back in time, “I probably wouldn’t break even if I lost.”

As long as I’m with her, anything is possible, and what can’t you do? Big S realized that he was really sad at that time.

So he began to relax and shouted, “You can’t help it.” “Due to Gu Jun’s remorseful behavior, he exaggerated the magnitude of S,” said one man you quiz 線上 看.

“Who has a better time than me?”

Cool Dragon briefly halted the “100% Entertainment” announcement Big S had made at the time of their separation.

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Little S was so enraged that he swore, while Big S simply wiped his tears and said nothing 劉 quiz on the block 具 俊 曄. Gu Junye noticed this. As seen in the video,

“I couldn’t stop my choking. He wasn’t in a good mood after the breakup, but he still did his best to defend me on the show.

I was struck by his eagerness to kiss her. There’s also a video of the DS accidentally stalking a bald viewer in the UK after they split 刘 quiz on the block 线 上 看.

Which made Koo Junye quite uncomfortable to see. “We still buy the sportswear she wears in Japan together.

Will attend the 20th anniversary award event last year, 刘 quiz on the block so Hee Won got me a coat, which is still hanging in my house; I cherish it since it’s a nice memory.”

Gu Junye had never forgotten Da S, so when he heard of the other party’s divorce, he summoned the guts to phone and say.

“After he answered, I said ‘Hi, I’m bald.’ in Chinese, and he laughed.” He replied in Korean, “I’m Hee Won,” and we began conversing. When I chat

to him, I feel like I’m transported back in time more than 20 years childhood trauma quiz. The sensations returned after the conversation.”

He also said that because he didn’t know when they would meet again during the pandemic, he proposed that if he married, he may come to Taiwan. Big S agreed as well. “Please come to Nishigen.

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It’s too dangerous to say because she recently divorced and may have been hurt again by my actions, but thank you so much for your trust.

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